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Two inspirational e-books, written by a Mother on life themes are given gratis to mothers, and to all kind of people in pursue of happiness - download yours for FREE - read below  

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Mother's Guide to Clean - Living
in a Dirty Universe

by Maia
Few Words about the author:

MAIA is an American poet and essayist. she lives now on Tinian, in the Mariana Islands, though she considers herself a citizen of no nation, but only a sentient being of the universe at large. This statement is important to help us understand her poems, her ideas. Most of her writing is about controversial themes like political, social and women's issues. Sometimes she is blunt in telling what she has experienced in life and feels in herself as mother of seven children. And she is not a preacher, she poses her opinions about this world with sincerity, she doesn't offer you heaven nor a wealthy future life. Instead, she makes you face reality which is not always pleasant. But that's life. R. S.


The motherDear "Sisters" (if such a single-gendered race of sentient beings in fact exists),
Let me explain why I wrote "A Mother’'s Guide to Clean-Living in a Dirty Universe" for you —not that I knew at the time it was for you. No, at first I foolishly believed it was meant for this race I was born into, not realizing yet how much too late and much too inapplicable it is in regard to humans.
But, after many years of studying millennia of their history and more than five decades of experience being one, it finally became unignorably apparent, that as long as there are two parts to them, no remedy is possible. That, as long as the half armed with a biological weapon designed to harm even as it aids the creation of new life exists, there will be no cure for the evils its creation spawned. No cessation of those evils’ ever-increasing variety. No end to the despair, pain, suffering and death they have been bringing about unceasingly since the first man was made out of woman in a fit of envy. Or something worse.


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And here is another Maia's e-book. Read the first two paragraphs of the prologue

We Never Had to Die

[a book-in-progress]

Path to Matera graphicNow that Mother Earth is proclaiming loud and clear in a devastatingly graphic language no one can fail to understand, that man has robbed her both of life and of the will to live, he can no longer avoid facing his willful commission of the crime of matricide. He has been tried, found guilty by his own numbers’ verdict, not only of that most capital of sins, but of the second most unforgivable act as well. Suicide. For by killing his mother, he has taken his own life.
No one can treat our most precious gift so casually—and, showing such an arrogant disregard for its sanctity—be allowed either to keep it or to deny it to those who revere it.
It is long past time—but, hopefully, just in time—for wombankind to reclaim all that was stolen from them, all that they had shared with love and sheer pleasure. He not only stole that which never "belonged" to any one or any thing, and was only to be enjoyed by all in harmony—he had to possess and control all he saw, felt, tasted, heard or smelled power and profit in.
In thousands of years of man’s "owning," buying, selling, ultimately losing “his possessions” he never once saw any of their true beauty—usefulness, purpose, giving freely one thing to another what each needs, can make use of, or simply enjoys. Man saw money and power wherever woman saw beauty, love, peace and happiness....


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